Chop, Stir, Grate

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. I have favourite recipes on bits of paper, in the back of diaries, in my head and in cook books and, since I’m not the most organised and don’t have the best memory, I want to put them all in one place. And, it seems to me, that the ether of the internet is the best place.

It means I can always access them, from anywhere in the world; it means I can send friends and family links to them, without having to write them down over and over again; and it means it doesn’t matter if I lose any of those precious index cards, torn-out magazine pages or, eventually, brain cells. My recipes, and my memories of them are here, forever.

Why Chop, Stir, Grate? Because I wanted to emphasise simplicity. I have a tiny, 2m by 2m kitchen, with no room for a dishwasher, a fridge-freezer (I have a small, under-the-counter fridge with two shelves) or an extractor fan . My ‘batterie de cuisine’ consists of a 19-year-old Braun Multipractic, a 10-year-old Braun hand blender, some knives and saucepans. And I love recipes that are really simple: if they involve chopping, stirring and grating I know I should be able to handle them. Oh, and a bit of whisking is all right too, though the whisk attachment on my Multipractic is no more.¬†There won’t be any demi-glaces in my posts nor, for that matter, any muslin sieving or pasta-making (I can’t eat it anyway). I might sneak in the odd water bath (or bain-marie for the French speakers) and when I get a freezer I might try making ice-cream. If I can cook with this minimal amount of space and kit then any one can.

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