How not to Make Gratin Dauphinoise or Why I Hate Washing Up

My ex-boyfriend taught me a very useful tip a few weeks ago. When you make gratin dauphinoise (which to me means potatoes sliced, covered in cream, milk and garlic and baked in the oven) line the tin with baking parchment first. Why? Because it makes it really easy to clean and when you hate washing up as much as me anything that saves you from more of it is a godsend.

Last night said ex came round for dinner and I made gratin dauphinoise. Having spent the day priming bookshelves, my mind was elsewhere and I lined the tin with foil not parchment. By the time I noticed it was too late: the potatoes were ready to go.

The dauphinoise was fine, if a bit drier than usual (all that heat reflecting back from the foil I suppose) but the tin, well, the tin was not. I had to peel most of the foil off (whereas baking parchment doesn’t even stick) and then, having left it to soak, the ruddy tin was still resisting my charms, or the charms of several knives. Since I’d rather clean ten toilets than wash up (okay, maybe not ten, and definitely not ten festival toilets), the task of scraping burnt on potatoes and cream out of the crannies of a once-non-stick baking tin is not one I relish. I’m not sure what’s worse, the scraping and scrubbing, or the nasty bits of sodden food floating around in the water. Even wearing rubber gloves, I still hate it. Please will someone hurry up and invent a very very very small dishwasher.

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1 Response to How not to Make Gratin Dauphinoise or Why I Hate Washing Up

  1. Yvann says:

    Bit late to this, I know… but I have a teensy tiny dishwasher in my rented flat – it is perfect for a single person or in my case, a couple whose male half is away most of the week.
    Just in case you’re interested, it’s a Baumatic.

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