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Port Eliot Foodie Treats

Ah camping! The fresh air, the closeness to nature, the simple life. Hmm. After a few freezing nights, on very hard ground, I’m not convinced. How about a bit of reality? That it will be cold, that the quiet darkness … Continue reading

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Camping Cakes

I’m off to work at the Port Eliot festival this afternoon. And, since it’s four hours by train to St Germans, and I’m not a great fan of train food, I thought that I would treat myself, and my fellow … Continue reading

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Heartbreakingly Fast Food: Gnocchi with Sage and Brown Butter

It’s a school night, you want to go and see a film after work, but that means getting home starving at 9.30 and in a rush to eat. However, if you don’t find the time to go and see the … Continue reading

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Five-Minute Fridge Dinners: Pea, Basil and Feta Salad

The first time I saw a real pea I was sixteen and in France. I was staying with a French family, the Bouchets, who lived the sort of life I hadn’t even imagined let alone dreamed of. They had three … Continue reading

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Nordic Bakery

Cinnamon is my favourite spice. In buns, ice cream and even in a salad dressing (the tabbouleh recipe here), it’s a taste that always fills me with glee. And the best place for a cinnamon roll and coffee in London … Continue reading

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Waitrose Kitchen Summer Fruit and Almond Cake

My mother was, is, a magazine addict. When I was a child there were an awful lot of them in our living room, from the lowly weeklies such as Woman to glossy monthlies like Vogue, and I used to read … Continue reading

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Five-minute dinner: gnocchi all’aglio, olio e peperoncino

About five years ago I became wheat-intolerant. I was ridiculously stressed and hated my job and, quelle surprise, as soon as I left I was suddenly able to eat bread and cake again without suffering excruciating stomach pains. I’ve never … Continue reading

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