Tina, We Salute You

My neighbour Mark invited me out for breakfast on Sunday and we went to tiny Tina, We Salute You which is in, I think, Dalston. Situated on an unprepossessing corner, it has only two tables inside, one large communal one, and one low grandmother-worthy coffee table. There’s probably room for 15 people inside and another ten at small tables outside, weather willing. The menu is pretty small too: written, as is everyone’s wont these days, on a blackboard it probably only lists about twenty things. But small can be very beautiful. Don’t be put off by the unreadable (white out of black text) and rather poorly designed website (it doesn’t have a menu, opening times, or even a map!); the place itself works brilliantly.

I haven’t been out for breakfast since I came back from Spain and I was delighted to discover that they serve what I think of as Spanish coffee (small milky coffees in glasses). They call it a ‘Gibraltar’ which seems a bit sad since that is not technically Spain (and is a truly appalling place as far as I’m concerned) but, naming aside, it’s pretty perfecto. And Mark, who spends half of his time living in Italy, was very impressed with the cappuccino too.

We ate something called a Brekkie Pide: a Turkish flatbread with egg mayonnaise, chilli jam, some ham and something green (rocket or spinach). Sounds weird yes (egg mayo is not my favourite thing at the best of time, but with chilli jam?)  but it was delicious. Even the fact that it, like the location, was quite small, didn’t matter. Everything else that came out (usual breakfast things like granola, fruit and yogurt and more unusual things like avocado and tomato on bread) made me want to make a return visit.

And yes, I know I should be more exact, and provide perfect food blogger photos but I didn’t even think about it. It was hot,  my camera is big and heavy and, well, sorry! I promise to go back…

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