Nordic Bakery

Cinnamon is my favourite spice. In buns, ice cream and even in a salad dressing (the tabbouleh recipe here), it’s a taste that always fills me with glee. And the best place for a cinnamon roll and coffee in London is the Nordic Bakery in Golden Square. As you’d expect from a Scandinavian-designed space, it is beautiful, calm and every detail has been considered. They even tell you on the menu who designed the cups that the coffee is served in.

And Golden Square, well Golden Square is a little corner of Soho that everyone seems to forget about. On a boiling hot July Sunday, when every other cafe in London was teeming with people, noise and busyness the Nordic Bakery was not overcrowded or overrun, but just moving at its slow, steady pace like a snail in the rat race. Whilst I stood at the counter waiting to order not one but three different waiting staff busied themselves with looking for the top of the milk bottle. Eventually they noticed me. Eventually. And, although such service would normally exasperate me and make me long for the rush of Spain or the gush of the States, somehow its nonchalance here was part of its soothing, ‘we’re not joining in with all that madness’ charm. Not so much a tonic, more a balm.

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