Camping Cakes

I’m off to work at the Port Eliot festival this afternoon. And, since it’s four hours by train to St Germans, and I’m not a great fan of train food, I thought that I would treat myself, and my fellow Elioters to some cake on the journey. Obviously the star of the cake world, Nigel’s ginger cake, was my first choice: it’s easy to make, easy to carry and, if by any chance we don’t eat it all on the way down, it keeps for days, even in a tent. Then I ruled out everything that doesn’t like heat, so no chocolate or chocolate brownies, no cakes that need eating really quickly like fairy cakes or cupcakes and nothing too fragile, so no cakes with soft fruit or icing.

Eventually I realised that what I needed was not cake, but biscuits of some description. And since I’ve been perusing my first ever cookbook for the last few days, marvelling at how useful it is, even thirty years later, I thought I’d make some melting moments. These were biscuits that my Mum used to make, and my siblings and I loved them. They are fast (creamed butter and sugar, plus flour, eggs and oats), take all of fifteen minutes in the oven and are very portable. However, since I have to leave for the train in about ten minutes I don’t have time to upload the pictures and recipe today; I’ll put it up as soon as I’m back and let you know how well they travelled.

I’ll also let you know how well I travelled…it seems to be pouring down outside.

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