Fernandez and Wells

On Sunday Sophie and I caught up over coffee in the Nordic Bakery, the travel section in Waterstone’s (she was in Japan, I was in Spain), then, as we looked for somewhere for a juice we stumbled upon Fernandez and Wells in Beak Street. I’ve often walked past the wine bar round the corner on Lexington Street and thought I’d like to go in there so I was very happy to try out their cafe. It’s beautifully done, with a few artful sandwiches and cakes arranged like artworks on slates, and the low stools looking out onto Soho are perfect for people-watching.

We were beyond coffee, which is one of its specialities, so decided to share a sandwich…

It was very lovely but madly expensive: £5.50 for half a baguette with some Manchego and salami seems ludicrous to me. And they asked if we wanted it toasted. Toasted? No, I want to chew that salami, not crunch it. Sigh…how to make something simple and Spanish into something expensive and English.

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