My first encounter with food blogging was via a Times article about the 50 best food blogs in the world. Number one was Orangette, full of great writing, photos and recipes and, once I’d read a lot of the posts there I started clicking on the links to other blogs. My clicking journey led me to the blue hour, where a non-famous Brian Ferry posts beautiful photos and music mixes, to The Wednesday Chef, once full of New York wisdom and now all about food and life in Berlin, to 3191 miles apart and from there to…I could go on, but these are, so far, my four favourites.

A lot of the good blogs out there are written by North Americans, or those living there, and it can get a bit frustrating hearing about places (like Molly of Orangette’s restaurant Delancey) that it’s impossible to try. At least not without some prior planning. Which is why I was delighted to find Shelagh Ryan’s blog. It’s less about food than about the setting up of her café Lantana but at least I could relate to the place. And last Friday, since I was off work, I thought I’d go and try out the coffee since, like so many cafés springing up in London, that’s what Lantana prizes itself on.

I wasn’t disappointed. It’s in Charlotte Place, a small pedestrian street south of Monmouth Street in Fitzrovia, an area I love, the staff were not only smiley but beautiful and the coffee, well the coffee was all it was meant to be. Bypass all those enormous sofa-stuffed chains on Tottenham Court Road and weave your way here instead.

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