Autumn treats

After last week’s glorious sunshine, September has started with a storm, or two. This week’s forecast is for rain, every day, and by the time I get home from work it is barely light. I am not a fan of the dark winter nights and this time last year I escaped them by running off to Spain for three months. Instead of cold, dark and damp mornings I woke up to the sunshine, every day.

This year I have to find ways to survive till December 22nd, the day when the light starts to return. There are, of course, lots of obvious things that are good about autumn: wearing winter boots again (is anyone a fan of sandals?), rooms lit with candles and, if the rain and wind don’t wash all the leaves away, trees full of colour. And, of course, a different sort of food: I’m already looking forward to porridge, casseroles and afternoons in a warm fuggy kitchen baking cakes. Much as I loved Spain, I did miss the variety of vegetables and fruit available in Britain (and I don’t mean the flown-in stuff): this year I want to try a celeriac soup recipe, butternut squash muffins and a venison and apricot stew.

Last night, though, on what felt like the first real night of autumn, I turned to a really simple old favourite: corn on the cob. Two ears (the joy of being grown-up, no measly halves any more!), cooked in boiling unsalted water (I read in the Riverford cookbook that salt in the water prevents it cooking properly) for four or five minutes then covered in butter, salt and pepper and, my own peccadillo, HP sauce. Sounds disgusting; tastes yummy.

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2 Responses to Autumn treats

  1. Anne says:

    Loving friends a) miss you and b) wonder what you think of Sarah Raven (am writing an essay on *Sissinghurst.*

    • flaxmergirl says:

      Hello lovely girl,

      Was thinking of you today, mainly because it’s been FAR too long since I saw you and because I’m about to blog a recipe from the NY cookbook, one of my favourites. Do you know I’ve never read any of Sarah Raven’s books (shame on me), probably because I associate her with gardens and I’ve never had one of those either. Love some of her husband’s books though (and worked with him briefly at HC). And, erm, never been to Sissinghurst either…gulp. Come visit, and we can go together xx

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