I’m Back…

It’s been a dodgy week on the food front and, what with not getting home before 8 o’clock having spent all day on a computer and the consequent lack of light, it’s been rather quiet around here. Sorry! Although it’s easy enough to find the recipes I want to try and share, it’s not always so easy to find the time to take the pictures and upload them all. And when the recipes don’t work, neither does the blog.

This week for example I went to a tapas place that I can’t recommend; the service was terrible, the food dull and if it wasn’t for the lovely company I’d have probably left. And last weekend I made a pear and maple syrup cake from Tender II (I really don’t like the name of that book) and though it was a variation on Nigel’s usual baking theme, it didn’t live up to its promise. Everyone who ate it enjoyed it but, hmm, I wasn’t convinced. Perhaps it was too delicate, or perhaps I’m getting fussier; whichever, it isn’t going into my repertoire of repeats so I don’t want to include it here.

However, on the bright side, I went to Balans in Soho which I had no expectations of at all, and had a great burger, great service and a decent-ish glass of red wine followed by, what a treat, an espresso in Bar Italia. So the centre of London isn’t always empty of promise…just don’t go near that so-called tapas bar. I’m sticking to El Parador, Moro and, when I get a chance to go south of the river, I want to go here

Now I’m off to find something to cook and photograph…it’s a sunny Sunday and I have time and light on my hands. The perfect photo-blog combination! I’ll be back soon.

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