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Shopping for America

Erm, I only have about 70 cookery books so, now that I’ve arrived in the States for Christmas, I thought perhaps I needed a few more. Going into Barnes and Noble with my mother’s discount card is a dangerous process. … Continue reading

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Fast French Florentines

I first started writing recipes down in France, when I was a student. I don’t have many; most of the food that others cooked for me seemed madly complicated (blanquette de veau for example which only Gordon Ramsay could describe … Continue reading

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Ottolenghi: a Pre-birthday Lunch

Going out to eat in London can sometimes feel exhausting. All the most popular places will either be full (if they take reservations) or have a queue out of the door (if they don’t). I’ve been trying to get into … Continue reading

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A Christmas Treat

Once upon a time I wanted toys and a new bike, then clothes and shoes, then books, endless books, but these days, when Christmas approaches, there is usually very little on my ‘list’. When someone says ‘well you must want … Continue reading

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