A Christmas Treat

Once upon a time I wanted toys and a new bike, then clothes and shoes, then books, endless books, but these days, when Christmas approaches, there is usually very little on my ‘list’. When someone says ‘well you must want something’ I have to scrabble around in my brain to think of a present that I want and that the giver can afford/find without too much trouble. It’s not helped by the fact that my birthday falls two weeks before the big day and nearly every year I use up all my desires on that.

But this year, because I’ve been very frugal and because I’m always thinking about food and recipes I have had a lot more wishes than usual. Since my elderly, much loved and used Braun food processor has been making scary noises and has lost an inch-long piece of the plastic edge, I have spent a lot of time comparing kitchen mixers and processors online. Mixers are the Chefs and Kitchen-Aids of this world, whereas nearly everything else is a processor. So which would be the best replacement?

I’ve found this year that I use my processor for one of two things: to mix together ingredients for cakes or breads and to whisk egg whites. I never touch the grating/shredding/chipping discs and I realised that it would be mad to replace it with an equivalent when what I need is a sturdy beating and whisking machine. But for some reason the massive mixing machines are a lot more expensive than the slicing and dicing ones and I couldn’t justify buying one for myself. However, with a bit of jiggery-pokery, a couple of willing friends and the lumping together of Christmas and birthday presents in one (usually the bane of all December babies’ lives), I managed both to ask for what I want (a Chef Classic; hurrah!) and make their present-buying very easy. Obviously, I can’t have it just yet but, oh, I feel like a nine-year-old again, desperate to get my hands on the new bike! I just hope I can find space for it, in both my tiny kitchen and my viewfinder…

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