Breakfast in Holland: the uitsmijter

I’m on the train to The Hague via Brussels and I’m looking forward, as I always do when travelling, to the food. Especially breakfast. I’m always more excited by eating breakfast abroad than any other meal (okay a drink and a tapa comes close). When I’m in Spain I want pan con tomate, preferably in Bar Aixa in the Albaicin; when I’m in Paris I want a tresse and a café au lait in Le Francais on place de la Bastille and when I’m in New York I want hanger steak, eggs and filthy coffee in Jerry’s. (This makes me sound like some w***y jetsetter so I should point out that, although I try to get to France and Spain every year to see friends, finances willing, I’ve not been to New York for over five years…and Jerry’s is no more.)

And Dutch breakfast, though far less famous, is equally worth a trip. For one, Dutch coffee is just glorious and then there’s the seemingly unpronounceable uitsmijter (it sounds a bit like ‘outsmater’ to my non-Dutch ear). Similar to the French croque-madame, it combines toast, ham, eggs and cheese and is a piece of proverbial to recreate at home.

You will need (per person)

A slice of bread (or two if you’re extra-hungry)

One egg (or two, as above…)

A slice of ham

Some grated cheese

Salt and pepper

A grill…

How to…

1. Preheat the grill and toast the bread on both sides.

2. Put the slice of ham on the toast and then fry the egg until just done as you like.

Not the most complicated of recipes this...

3. Put the egg on top of the toast and ham…

4. Top with the grated cheese…

5. Grill until bubbling. Lekker! A little Dutch coffee wouldn’t go amiss with this.

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1 Response to Breakfast in Holland: the uitsmijter

  1. ricardo says:

    we used to call it a ‘housemaker’

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